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From this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that went clear round the world. EGW, LS 125




GC Virtual GLOBAL Campmeeting

MAY 19-23, 2021
The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting brings the entire world church together to worship, be inspired, and learn. This event showcases the incredible breadth and depth of Adventist ministries around the world. 

The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting will have programming centered around three major regions.  Asia-Pacific, Euro-Africa and the Americas. Seminars will be scheduled for convenient access from time zones around the world.  See the programming for your region by following the links below.





News & Resources


"All-Round Champion"

We would like to announce some very cool news coming out of Sandy Lake Academy (SLA). Grade 7 student Carter Noseworthy recently competed in Season 3 of “All-Round Champion” (@allroundchampiontv). He travelled to Ontario, Canada for 10 weeks from October to December 2020 for the filming production.
The show premieres on March 30, 2021 in the USA on BYU television (@BYUtv) and later in Canada on TVOkids (@TVOkids). The first two seasons can be streamed online or found on YouTube.
The series showcases the athletes’ emotional and challenging journeys with all the highs and lows that come with winning and losing. “All-Round Champion” is hosted by Olympian and World Champion hurdler, Perdita Felicien.
We are all proud of you Carter. May God continue to establish in you the ability to persevere, learn and grow through adversity, and to encourage and uplift those around you along the way.


Congratulations, Carter,
for being an
"All-Round Champion" 
in our books!

Parent Quote: 
There is no way Carter would have been able to spend 10 weeks away from his Grade 7 education had it not been for this incredible school! The principal and all of his teachers readily stepped up and faced the challenge of teaching a student virtually while also teaching full classes at the school. David and I are beyond grateful for all that the SLA community has done and continues to do to meet and exceed the academic, spiritual and social needs of our son. Thank you so much.



Ministry Ideas That Can Matter

How to Improve Your Teaching

If this is your pattern . . . The teacher talks; the pupil listens.                                         
Move to this .  . . The teacher leads; the pupil participates.

If this is your pattern . . . The teacher teaches with the quarterly in hand.
Move to this . . . The quarterly is a tool; the teacher teaches from an outline, Bible in hand.

If this is your pattern . . . The Bible text is all-important.  Let the pupil apply the teaching to his own life.
Move to this . . . The teacher makes the Bible live by leading the class in an exercise to apply its teachings.

If this is your pattern . . . Voluntary pupil discussion is kept to a minimum because it takes too much time.
Move to this . . . Pupil discussion is encouraged, but guided toward the lesson aim.

If this is your pattern . . . What pupils say is not too important; they are present to learn and not to teach.
Move to this . . . What pupils think and say are important and can help the teacher meet pupil needs.

Guy P. Leavitt, Teach with Success (Cincinnati; Standard Pub. Co. 1956) pp. 53, 54


World Church Prayer Requests
April 16, 2021

1. Pray for Erton Köhler and Paul Douglas who have just been elected respectively as the new General Conference Secretary and General Conference Treasurer for the world church. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give them extra wisdom as they transition into these positions.
2. Pray for the 24 Hour online prayer room, that will be occurring during the Global Camp meeting May 19-23. Pray that many will come to participate in this special prayer time together.
3. Pray that every church member feels a burden for soul winning and realizes that heaven asks everyone to follow in Christ’s steps in sharing their faith.
4. Pray for greater support and interest by all Church members and administrators in maintaining Seventh-day Adventist education as truly Seventh-day Adventist in content and emphasis since it is vital to the church’s future work force and mission perspective. - Online Prayer Room

Hi Friends,

Canadian blogger, Kyle MacDonald, posted a red paperclip on a website called “Craig’s List” and wanted to see if he could get something bigger and better.
Check out his amazing story of faith and ingenuity.
Here is the YouTube link: Bigger and Better - An Amazing Story of Faith and Ingenuity

Blessings to you and your family,
Mike and René Lemon


4 Seasons of Reconciliation

An exciting awareness training is being released through the First Nations University of Canada, available to ALL members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada.

2-min course trailer



Jesus 101 has just launched “The Exodus Journey,” a new television series airing on Hope Channel beginning April 2021. In this twelve-part series, special guest Ty Gibson joins Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, Jesus 101 speaker/director. This series, based on the book of Exodus, is about learning to choose trust over anxiety on our way to the Promised Land. For more information visit:


Tune in to NAD Adventist Community Services' FREE risk management webinar on May 6, at 2 p.m. EST. Learn about potential risks to humans or property that your ministry may face, and how to implement effective risk management to minimize or eliminate unintentional harm. Robert Smith, ACS director of Allegheny East Conference, will present. LEARN MORE


Adventist Muslim Relations invites you to a free webinar, "The Word: Qur'anic Christology & Witnessing," on April 30 at 8 p.m. EDT. "The angels said, ‘Mary, God gives you news of a Word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, who will be held in honour in this world and the next, who will be one of those brought near to God," (Al Imran 3:45). Dr. Petras Bahadur, director of the Global Center of Adventist-Muslim Relations, will present. JOIN with passcode: sda


Adventist World Radio is shortlisted for "People's Choice" Telly Award! "The Executioner," a video that shares the incredible story of an assassin whose life was transformed after God touched his heart through the airwaves of Adventist World Radio, has been selected as a finalist in the Telly Awards' "People's Choice" category. Voting is open until April 23, and anyone may vote at this link by creating a free account or by entering via Facebook or Twitter.




Zoom Meeting

Don’t remain stuck! Your body wants to be healthy. Take this opportunity to learn which tools can lead to a vibrant life! Come learn about hormones, essential oils, nutrition and herbs, stress management and trust, and massage. Applying these to your life can help the female body navigate successfully through the many stages of life.

Your best health is just around the corner!


How positive thinking can help us strengthen
our immune system and our health...

Dr. Eddie Ramirez is a medical doctor, research scientist, published author and international speaker. He is the director of HealthWhy's Lifestyle Medicine in Pennsylvania. Dr. Ramirez has more than 140 published studies in the scientific literature documenting the effects of lifestyle changes on disease reversal. He has traveled and spoken in 85 countries. His work has been featured on NBC's Texoma , Icelandic National TV and in the most popular health program in Ecuador, Ecuavision. He is a co-author of the 3rd edition of the textbook of Lifestyle Medicine of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and also the book Rethink Food together with Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, Hans Diehl, Joel Furhman and other lifestyle medicine leaders.

Join Dr. Eddie Ramirez, one of the leading researchers on lifestyle medicine, on the fascinating new science of how our thoughts affect our immune system and health!





Let Your Light So Shine Before Men

Whenever an individual will fulfil in his very soul the antitype of the typical “whole” burnt-offering, that is, wholly surrender himself to God, place himself and all he has upon the altar, to be consumed in God’s service as He directs, that individual, whether he be rich or poor, learned or ignorant, will be covered with the fragrant incense of Christ’s righteousness, and his name will be enrolled with the church of the first-born in heaven; and here in this sin-cursed earth, as he goes to and fro, he will be a part of the great candlestick, and from his life will shine out the bright rays of the Spirit of God. 
The question may arise in many hearts, how may I become a light-bearer in the earth? When Zerubbabel was trying under very adverse circumstances to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, he came to a time when the difficulties appeared like mountains before him. Then the Lord sent His prophet with a message to help and encourage him. Zechariah was given a view of the golden candlesticks, and was also shown whence the oil came that supplied the lamps. He saw two olive-trees, one on the right side of the bowl and the other on the left side, which through golden pipes kept the lamps supplied with oil, that they might burn brightly. Zechariah 4:1-14 The prophet asked the angel the meaning of what he saw. In reply the angel said: “This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” Then he gave a message to Zerubbabel to go forward, and said that the mountain of difficulties would become a plain before him, and that as surely as his hands had laid the foundations of the house of the Lord, so surely would he finish it. 
Zerubbabel was walking by faith in the words of the prophets who had foretold how and when, Jerusalem would be rebuilt; 2 Chronicles 36:20-23Jeremiah 25:12Hosea 1:7. but those prophets were dead, and he now faced difficulties that he might be tempted to think the prophets never expected would arise. Then God sent a living prophet with a message of encouragement, to keep the light burning, and enable Zerubbabel to press forward and complete the work prophesied of by the dead prophets. 
We can not comprehend the word of the Lord without the Spirit to enlighten our minds. The light shines to the degree in which we take the word and risk our all upon it: and as we come into difficulties in following out the instruction given through the dead prophets, the Lord sends messages of strength and encouragement through the living prophet, to enable us to press forward to victory. 
“These are the two sons of oil (light-givers), that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.” It is the Spirit of God accompanying the word which has been committed to the people, that will give light. Whatever the prophets of God have revealed to man in the past, is light; and those who have adhered strictly to the testimony of God by His prophets, although it may be hundreds of years after the testimony was given, are spoken of favorably by the living prophet, as Zechariah spoke to Zerubbabel.
 CIS 52.3-CIS 54.1


Quick & Easy Oat Waffles


GF    DF   V   VG   NS

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the experts tell us, making perfect sense to me. It is what gives your body the fuel it needs for the day ahead. I love breakfast. I often go to sleep planning what I will eat the following day. When oat waffles are on the menu, it is a happy morning. These breakfast oat waffles are unbelievably delicious. Honestly, if you have never had oat waffles for breakfast, you have been missing out. Super easy, super healthy, super tasty, and one of my favorite breakfast foods.

Click here for the RECIPE!

GF - Gluten-Free
DF - Dairy-Free
V - Vegetarian
VG - Vegan
NS - Naturally Sweetened


Source: Chef Ani
Paradise Fields


Communications Department



1. the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other method
2. the means of sending or receiving information


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