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MC Spotlight: April 14, 2023


2023 Focus: Sowing Seeds for Heaven


Sandy Lake Adventist Academy


May 14 - Spring Celebration @ Dalhousie Arts Centre


The Spring Celebration aims to provide an opportunity to engage a larger audience and bring awareness to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Maritime provinces, with an emphasis on Adventist Education available at Sandy Lake Academy. Furthermore, it pursues creating a setting that encourages connections between our constituent churches and provides an evangelistic opportunity for the communities in their scope of action. It also serves as a platform for school promotion in the HRM and the Maritime provinces. 

Please see all the information in the following document below:
Information for SDA churches - Spring Celebration - Rehearsal Schedule - Gloria in D Major, RV 589, Antonio Vivaldi

For music-inclined church members, we would love to have them participate in singing in the choir or playing in the orchestra. Anyone interested should read the document mentioned above. To sign up for singing or playing Vivaldi's Gloria, participants must fill out the form: Want to join? The form is also available in the document that is being shared. 

I'm asking you to please share this with your churches and encourage them to participate in singing or playing or attending the event. 

If you have any questions, please contact José Dias (

- José Dias


NAD Children's Ministries Workshop


Who: SS Teachers & Assistants, Children’s Ministries Leaders, Parents, and anyone interested in Certification and/or would like to enrich the lives of children for Jesus!

What: Ministering to Families Track 6
Topics: Fostering Family Unity, Developing Christian Values in Children, Making Family Worship Easy & Fun, Involving Children in Mission Service, Parenting & the Media, Teaching Sexuality to Children, Nurturing a Child’s Alone Time with God

When:  Friday, May 5 (evening) & Sabbath, May 6 (Time TBA)

Where: at your desk or in the comfort of your living room

How:  We will be ZOOMING!!!!!! Link to be sent to your email address.
Some classes will be offered in French and all classes are FREE, FREE, FREE !

To Register: Contact Lorie Neily at  ASAP so workshop pkg info can be sent out to you. Circle those dates and get ready to be inspired and blessed. 

Take me to see all the 2023 Camp Meeting Speakers!

To find all our scheduled events for the year, please refer to our Official Maritime Conference Calendar on our website.

Take me to the Maritime Conference Calendar!

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