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7:30 AM   Metard Salomon John Fournier Stephen Kibbee Ryan Fraser David Hamilton Gary Belhomme Frank Unger Michael Hall
9:30 AM   Paul Llewellyn   Bailey Muller Denise Daley Christine Wollman Indigenous Min SDACC Comm. ADRA
11:00 AM   Mike Tucker Eric Rajah Glen DeSilva Glen DeSilva Glen DeSilva Glen DeSilva Glen DeSilva Mike Tucker
3:00 PM       Hamilton Fam Hamilton Fam Hamilton Fam Hamilton Fam Hamilton Fam  
4:15 PM       Health Ministry Health Ministry Health Ministry Health Ministry Health Ministry  
7:15 PM Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker Mike Tucker


Mike Tucker


Mike Tucker is the Speaker Emeritus of Faith for Today Television, and host of the award-winning television program, Lifestyle Magazine. He conducts seminars like Mad About Marriage, Good Grief, and The Choice, and serves as a Teaching Pastor for Canyon Creek Project, a church plant in Richardson, Texas. Mike has served as a Pastor, Counselor, Christian High School Bible Teacher, Youth Pastor, a Pastor’s Pastor for his denomination, and Senior Chaplain for medical and psychiatric facilities. 


Mike has authored several books, including Meeting Jesus in the Book of Revelation; Journal of a Lonely God; Jesus, Your Heart’s Desire; Every Good Thing; Ten Keys to a Happy Marriage, Mad About Marriage and more. His most recent book, Tears to Joy, shares his own journey of grief after losing his wife and ministry partner of 40 years.  


Mike has remarried and lives in the Dallas, Texas area with his wife, Pam, a Gospel Singer from Canada. He enjoys spending time with his daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. Mike describes himself as the happiest bad golfer you’ll ever meet!



Glen DeSilva


Glenn DeSilva is an Ordained Minister who has served in the Ontario Conference of Seventh Day Adventist for the past thirty-one years as a Pastor, School Chaplain, Teacher, Camp Director, and Conference Ministry Director. Presently he is the Senior Pastor at College Park Seventh Day Adventist Church in Oshawa. He is a graduate of Andrews University, where he received both his Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees.

Pastor Glenn is married to Michelle, a Special Education Resource Teacher at College Park Elementary School. He has three children, Amairis, a graduate of Andrews University, Ethan a sophomore at Southern Adventist University, and Mackenzie a grade 11 student at Kingsway College. Pastor DeSilva is a strong believer and supporter of Adventist Christian Education.

Pastor Glenn loves meeting people and networking with the global Adventist family. He loves to sample foods from every culture and country and is a fan of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. His favourite meal is a fish and chips dinner followed by a freshly baked warm piece of apple pie. He is a sports enthusiast and is rooting for Team Canada in the upcoming FIFA World Cup of soccer. He loves to garden in the backyard, giving back to the community of chipmunks and rabbits in that live in his neighbourhood. Pastor Glenn loves to travel, especially long road trips with his family.

Pastor Glenn is a passionate Biblical preacher who loves to tell the story of Jesus. He is excited about mentoring young, discipling members and spending time with seniors. Pastor Glenn’s favorite scripture is, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose.”



Hamilton Family

The Hamilton family started in pastoral ministry in the Maritimes in 2010.  They worked in the New Glasgow, Pugwash, and Truro district until 2018, and have been in the Digby, Oak Park, and Yarmouth district since 2019.  Nathan (age 19), Rebekah (age 16), and Andrew (age 13) are the joy of their parents lives!



Health Ministries Team - Catherine Walsh & Tarah-Liz Springer


Catherine Walsh is a Holistic Health Practitioner with a Doctorate of Naturopathy in Original Medicine from IIOM. She desires that all people experience the best health that they can. Cather-ine enjoys personal consultations with her clients as they work out the most viable wellness plan for them. Since “the life is in the blood” Cather-ine shares, through Nutritional Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis), how fearfully and wonderfully made we truly are. She loves giving people hope for a brighter, healthier today! She is current-ly the Maritime Conference Health Ministries Director and she enjoys every moment of it!!!

No biography available for Tarah-Liz Springer.

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