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September 26, 2022 - Update

As we survey the aftermath of the storm, it is appropriate that we pause and reflect on the damage and devastation that storms like Fiona can cause many of our communities. We thank God that He promises to be with us and that we do not have to fear (Isaiah 41:10).

Our Pugwash Campgrounds have sustained significant damage and we are working with the insurance as to our next steps. Some of the damage includes: many of our mature trees are down, cabins and trailers have shifted, siding has been torn off, there is much debris scattered, and one end of our ABC building (as depicted in the image above) in no longer in tact. At this time we are also assessing the extent of damages to our local church properties with local leadership.

As announced on our Social Media, we will be having a Clean-up Camp day once the power is back and we are sure the camp is safe for everyone who is able to volunteer.

We appreciate your prayers and all those who have already volunteered to help in this time of need.  Please stay tuned as we will update our website and social media as we are able to move forward.


Leaning on Jesus,

- Administration

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